Chescakesbychesca ♥

Chescakesbychesca ♥

The chescakesbychesca is a dessert shop that sells a variety of cookies. It started in late April 2019 when the pandemic occurred. I knew I needed to do something to spend my free time with besides studying since we were in lockdown and not allowed to go outside.

Short History

Chocolate chips cookies

My friends encouraged me to sell my desserts when they tasted them for the first time during a birthday occasion. Since then, they kept on reminding me to think about selling the cookies. I love making desserts for my friends and family because I always get excited to know what their expressions will be. When I make some new desserts, I get my friends to taste them first and get their feedback on improving them. As for selling desserts, it never came to my mind since I only love to make them. I was frightened that my passion for baking would disappear if baking became a demand.

I decided first to start with cookies, for I have already made a lot of them since I was a child. Although it is not always easy to prepare cookie dough, you need to be vigilant when mixing every ingredient and baking it. While several people order cookies, my mom and dad help me with the work; they chop different chocolates together and help me roll the cookies—a way to bond with them too.

Smores cookies

Our cookies family

The cookie flavours that we sell for now are chocolate chips, cookies and cream, white chocolate chip, and smores. Everyone loves the cookies. One of the best sellers is cookies & cream. Cookies & cream cookie is made from Oreos, white chocolate, and cookie dough. In June 2021, we have just released a new flavour called smores cookies. Most of the kids enjoyed it for it was with marshmallows and melted chocolate. The cookies we make are often soft and chewy, which everybody loves. We also sell chocolate crinkles which is a favourite gift to give during the Christmas holidays! We are managing Facebook and Instagram pages to get in touch with our clients. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get daily news about our cookies and more exciting news.

Hopefully, we can sell more cookie flavours for our cookie monsters!

Thank you for reading 🙂